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March 13, 2011

Ranch Life Happenings

Just a quick update on some ranch happenings this weekend~

Joey's been getting so much attention and is loving it.  We try to keep on a routine schedule by giving him a good grooming every day before he receives his mid-day snack and pain medication he's taking for founder.  I know he's feeling better because he's becoming impatient while we're grooming him and this is a typical behavior for Joey.....he wants his low-carb feed......ASAP!

Joey's walking a little better also.  He's on the road to recovery.

Next door to Joey's barn, live a few dairy cows that we visited while we were there.  They seemed to be enjoying the sunny, spring-like day we were having and didn't bother to rise when we showed up.

Paige is a climber.  She has very little fear and tells me she needs to climb something...anything on a daily basis.  There's plenty of things around the farm we can find to climb on.  She was happy to get her climbing time in.

She was having so much fun with our visit to Joey and to the barns, she didn't want to leave so she stayed with daddy and got some 'driving time' in also. 

Gotta take advantage of this dry weather when we can.  I hear we're in for an entire week of wet weather coming up....ugh.

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