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March 15, 2011

Meet Barina ~ what happens at the calf barn with kids

Lately, almost every one of our trips to the calf barn involve either, halter training Emma or Brittney OR adding yet another new calf to our string of  'pets'. 

Meet Barina.

Paige laid her eyes on this little calf and there was no turning back.  The two of them immediately bonded.

Paige decided that 'Barina' would make the perfect name for her new little pet. 

I had to plead with my 4 year old to leave the calf barn after an hour.  She didn't want to leave her new little friend.  I think she would have napped right next to Barina if I'd let her. 

The funny thing is, Paige doesn't nap any longer but she would have if I'd told her she could take a nap with Barina.  She would have done anything to stay longer.

I can't say that I blame her, the calves are my favorite too:)

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