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March 18, 2011

The Surrogate Cow

Just the other day, when I was trying to capture a calf birthing on video, in the calf barn {which I missed by the way} I snapped a few photos of a baby calf nursing on mama.  How picture perfect and mama wasn't too concerned that I was standing only a few feet from her and the baby.

But the most interesting thing about this photo is, this was not her own calf.

It is interesting that some cows will allow any calf to suckle, while there are others who will push away a calf that is not her own.  This cow is just happy to have any calf nursing off her to relieve her of her milk? 

It's no wonder why dairy cows seem to really enjoy and look forward to milking time in the milking parlor twice a day.

This cute little calf {one of a set of twins} followed this mama everywhere, even though her own mama was in the same barn.

From what I've witnessed with the calves, their top priority is to find milk.  Whether it be from a cow, a bottle or a bucket, they seem to be satisfied if the end result finds them some milk to drink.  And after drinking milk or eating, a nice, long nap is in order.

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