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March 9, 2011

Signs of Spring

Spring is only a week and a half away! 

Rebirth, renewal, regrowth

Any signs at your place yet?

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TexWisGirl said...

Oh yes ma'am. Lots of bird nesting activity, green grass and clovers, wildflowers blooming in the yard and fields. And plenty of March wind. Ahhhh...

Unknown said...

Quite frankly "NO" and if there were any they have surly been drowned out by all the rain! I would give anything for some sun right now - but such is the life in Indiana!

The Dairy Mom said...

I can't wait for spring. The news reported tonight that we're in for 6-10 inches of snow the next 2 days here in Northeast Ohio. Winter just won't seem to end this year. Thanks for the great picture of the bird's nest, it gives me hope for warm days to come!

Unknown said...

Old Man Winter isn't finished with us here in Ohio. We haven't seen the Man in the Moon for weeks because of the clouds. Mr. Sun has only showed up to work one day in the last two weeks. And I think Mother Nature has left Father Time stuck in January. LOL

We have had 2.5 inches of rain with another .5 expected before two inches of snow overnight tonight in central Ohio

Dar said...

About the only spring we are seeing, is the sun peeking through once in awhile, and the ' lurking Desire ' for it. Soon, today is actually supposed to top out in the low 40's. Major heatwave here, and oh, so welcome.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME pix of the nest w/eggs. ;) WOW! Signs of spring here - are here: but I'm not in snow country. ;)
There are more signs and I'm able to get out into the yard even more. :) God bless!