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March 24, 2011

Emma and Barina {the calves} at Farm Day

Today we loaded up Emma and Barina in the trailer, drove in the torrential rains, down the freeway in backed up traffic to make it to Marin County Farm Day. 

Farm Day provides hands-on educational experiences outside the classroom, including stations designed by the Marin Master Gardeners. Approximately 30 Northern California ranchers, farmers, producers and educators provide interactive exhibits on agriculture, health, farm animals, gardens and environmental education.

This was Emma and Barina's first public outing and they did great! 

Kids that normally don't get the chance to see a farm animal up close were able to pet and look at these calves.  The Jersey calf belongs to Bryce's fellow 4H member and schoolmate, Gracie, Justice her calf is 4 months old and will also be shown at the fair this summer.


My nephew, Gavin, will be showing Emma in the Sonoma-Marin fair this summer....I think they've bonded.

Our Tri-Valley 4H had a display of rabbits and cavies for kids to pet and learn about.  This type of event is always a great opportunity for the 4H members to teach other kids and adults about the animals they care for.  Lots of questions were asked and they were able to answer them with confidence.

All Marin County elementary schools have the opportunity to participate in an essay contest and a poster contest.  Cash prizes and ribbons are awarded at the event.

Bryce walked down to see if his school received a prize.

Second place for the poster his school created.  There are five K through 1 students at Bryce's one-room school, so each grade was responsible for one section of the poster.

 Northbay Dairy Women had a booth with the help of current Dairy Princess, Emile Strand. 

There are many hands-on booths the kids can participate they are planting pumpkin seeds to take home.

Looming {is that a word?}demonstrations were happening as well.

Clo the Cow of Clover Stornetta made an appearance.  Paige and her cousin, Leila  followed Clo around for a while.

Our friend, Willy, gave roping demonstrations and taught kids how to handle a rope with the Novato Horsemen group.

The sheep belong to the Pozzi family, who are M.C. Farm Bureau board members and were a big hit.

And sometimes some of the most educational demonstrations take place at the end of an event, when only a few attendees remain.  Bunny breeding session....that's all I'm sayin'. 

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Unknown said...

Great article Nancy! Love the photos of the children with the animals. And most especially, the last one!

TexWisGirl said...

Ha ha! Looks like the day was well worth the harrowing drive in pouring rain to get there. What a great chance for kids to get up close and (a little too) personal with some of the animals. :)

Unknown said...

This looks huge and amazing!

And WOW you guys have some busy bunny's out there!

Unknown said...

Love it! Such a great day, it was great to see you!

Karen Taylor said...

Great reporting and photos! I missed that last one... too funny!

goatmilker said...

Looks like alot of fun! I love these kinda things were people can learn about farming and all that goes along with it. Rebekah

{oc cottage} said...

Leave it to the bunnies...too funny!

m ^..^

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Love the picture of him leaning back against the calf, just chilling! What a fun time!

Nancy said...

What a great day you all must have had. Everything looks so colorful and fun. That's the way spring should be. :)

farmer said...

I love farm days, we will be having another one in September.
I love seeing the faces of everyone when they get up close with our critters.
Our farm day brings people right to the farm, last one we had over 600 people.
Fun stuff,glad to see you participate :) cute critters!

cathy@home said...

What a lovely heart warming post seeing children so interested in farming and animals

Teresa said...

Looks like a great event! It's nice for the kids to have a chance to see all the animals. My middle schools students are fascinated when I talk about all my critters (or maybe they're just happy I got distracted from teaching the lesson)!

Verde Farm said...

What a fabulous event. I love things like this, teaching children, demonstrating traditional techniques and of course the animals. I have to say--this is a new idea for sex education for sure :) LOL