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March 21, 2011

Shhh! Don't tell the others & Whole Foods helps to protect farm land via MALT

On this overcast northern California morning as I was driving to town from the farm, I look to my left only to notice one Happy Boy. 

In this particular pasture that sits alongside the road, my father-in-law spends hours upon hours tilling the soil, planting oat hay seed and then in the early summer, cuts the hay, turns it and bales feed the beef cows during the summer.  No one is allowed out in this pasture right now.  The few that get away with spending time here are a group of pesky Canadian Geese who can't wait for that seed to hit the ground, only so they can try eating it up as quickly as they can......but today, it's this guy. 

His lucky day, I'd say.

He knows he hit pay dirt as he stands in knee high oat grass, standing quietly as he eats, his friends close by {where they're supposed to be} not even noticing.

Beef.  They're notorious for getting through fence {in my opinion}.  Ours are normally found on the golf course nearby if they've gone through some fence, but today,  the golfers are not to be disturbed.

Something for the Locals:
Are you local to Marin?  If so, here's something you may be interested in supporting and if you go, I'll see you there!:

Are you a Whole Foods Market in Novato Shopper that wants to help protect Marin County farmland? If so, Whole Foods Market in Novato will be donating 5% of all their sales to Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT). It all happens on Tuesday, March 22, from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm at Whole Foods Market, 790 De Long Avenue in Novato. Come do your shopping and help save Marin's farmland while you're at it!

Photo by Michael Woolsey of MALT

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