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March 23, 2011

Buddy the Buck and Cinnamon

On that first day, as I walked into the well lit garage at my sister's house, I immediately felt all eight pairs of eyes on me.  Then the excited pitter patter began.  Were they nervous to see a new person in their space or  did they realize my presence meant food for them?

What ever the case, I was happy to be there to feed them while my sister's family was away and I couldn't wait for the kids to help me the next day.  Paige was gonna LOVE caring for these bunnies.

Most of the bunnies are 4H bunnies and are use to being handled but little Cinnamon is the most mellow bunny of the bunch and SO easy for anyone to handle.  She loved being held and pet and Paige was happy to oblige.....Bryce, not so much.

We put Cinnamon back into her cage and fed all eight bunnies.  Then I remembered that Buddy, the buck, was supposed to be fed his hay in a feeder hanging from the side of his cage rather than on the floor of the cage like all of the others.

I stuck my hand back into the cage to grab the hay and move it to its proper place when Buddy jumped on my arm and , um, went to town.

Bryce says, "Mom!  What's he doing to you?!"

"Well, Buddy thinks or was hoping my arm was a girl bunny."  I hesitated before verbalizing my next sentence to my six year old, "He wanted to make baby bunnies."

Bryce's exact words:  "Ahh, he looks SO disappointed....." Bryce was right, he did!

Before he could question me further, I replied  "He probably is. Now lets go feed those chickens!"

And again I'm amazed at the opportunity of teachable moments that are given when around farm animals.  Always exciting and sometimes unpredictable.

Upcoming for the locals:  If you would like to meet dairy calves "Emma" and "Barina" in person, they'll be at Marin County Farm Day tomorrow from 9-12noon at the Marin Co. Civic Center - rain or shine, we'll be indoors!

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TexWisGirl said...

Well, unlike the egg episode, I'm assuming you don't serve rabbits at your table, so hopefully no damage was done. :)

Michelle said...

Cute bunnies:)

Unknown said...

You will definatly want to read my post on Friday - The Real Farmwives are linking up about "The Cycle of Life" my post is exactly this subject!

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

@texwisgirl, lol! thankfully we don't...only if for that one reason:)

@Jent, I look forward to your post on Friday!

@Farmchick and @ DeanO, thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! I LOVE the look on Bryce's face! He resembles another Bryce I know (who's ten) so much - and from what I read, acts like him too.
We had an experience with the bunnies and my (at the time) 2 yr old. The bunnies were doing their thing and Preschooler thought it would be funny to growl at them like a lion. I've never seen such happy and so terrified of rabbits at the same time!

Dana Gustafson said...

ha ha ha! poor buddy! Have fun at farm day!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

This is hilarious. When i decide that Enzo needs to learn about sex I'm coming to your farm and you can help me out.

bon bon said...

i think bryce's expression mimics that of the bunny in the cage below! ;o)

Inger said...

You also learn about the circle of life, about planting, growing, canning, and so on, in addition to how babies are made. Growing up on a farm for a kid of today must provide a really great start in life.