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October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween!  I have a confession.  I have never been big on the whole Halloween decorating thing.  Now, I do like looking at other people's decorations, I just haven't done the spooky decorating myself.  Well, until now. 

A few weeks ago we went over to a friend's house for dinner and they had a TON of Halloween decorations.  My kids LOVED it!  They kept saying, "LOOK!  More Halloween"  every time they would spy another jack-o-lantern or witch.

After that dinner party, I was asked.....okay, hounded on a daily basis if we could get some Halloween decorations.  So during my 'wicked Wednesday' spent with Ami, we made a pit stop at JoAnn's.  Everything happened to be 60% off!  Yay!  I ended up picking up quite a few things and they were cute!  Here are just a few of them...........

Okay, this candle eyeball is not so cute, but I liked it and I knew the kids would as well.

I just loved this wooden jack-0-lantern stand.

A jack-0-lantern candle holder.

A black jack-0-lantern candle holder....both sit on my fireplace mantle.

These scarecrows are so much fun aren't they?  All but the witch can be displayed until Thanksgiving.

I may not be big on the Halloween decorations until now, but I've always loved autumn decor.  Hey, and maybe these scarecrows will really scare the many crows we have hanging around our house!  Think it'll work?

And I think all of Paige's preschool creations make great decorations.  She had a ball taping them up to our sliding glass door.

I also found these cute little ceramic pumpkins and the tiny scarecrow at JoAnn's.

Gourds, squash and mini pumpkins are always an easy, inexpensive way to liven up your home decor for fall as well.

Paige is really into Halloween this year.  She adores dressing up in her Leopard costume and at her gymnastics class this past week, the kids were allowed to wear their costumes!   They also convert the upstairs waiting area into a Haunted House obstacle course for all the classes.  What fun for her and all her friends.

After her class, she was invited to one of her girlfriend's house for a little Halloween party.  Where they enjoyed mini sandwiches for lunch.

Caramel covered apple.

Veggies and dip.

They also got to decorate their own cupcakes.

Paige covered hers with sprinkles, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips.

They even created a trick - or - treat bag.

We don't get any trick-or-treaters where we live but we will go out trick-or-treating for an hour or so.  I think I'll bring some milk along to dilute all that sugary candy......not looking forward to the sugar high, especially on a school night!

My favorite treat by far this Halloween is that pumpkin fudge I bought at the Harvest Fair at the beginning of October.  YUM.


What's your favorite part of Halloween?

If you like dressing up your house for any occasion, you'll love visiting Censational Girl.  She has a ton of great fall ideas on her blog!

Happy Sunday!

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