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October 22, 2010

Sonoma Marin Fair Appreciation Dinner

Last night we were running late to attend the Sonoma-Marin Fair Appreciation Dinner at the fairgrounds.  We had our bi-monthly vet appointment for the dairy cows scheduled, which needs to happen when milking is just about finished at the end of the day.  But that's the life of a dairyman {and family}, we never make it in time for appetizer hour and barely make in time for dinner many times.  But we made it, with food left to spare.

The Fair Appreciation Dinner is put on by the board members {one of the many Boards Dominic sits on} to thank the many volunteers that work leading up to and during the Sonoma-Marin Fair. There were around 250 people in attendance.

Here, Jeff James, President of Sonoma-Marin Fair and local winery owner - James Family Cellars, calls up and hands out a recognition award to the committee that organized Farmers Day at the fair.

CEO of Sonoma Marin Fair, Pat, thanks the crowd.

Oh and the dinner that was served to all 250 people in attendance was yummy BBQ chicken, macaroni salad , green salad, and the beans must have been really good because they were all gone by the time we got there.

A local 4H club was gaining some community service points by helping at the event.  They cleaned up tables, served ice cream sandwiches for dessert and helped to take down decorations at the end of the event.

Bryce and Paige were eager to help as well.  Here, they were helping Daddy hand out some recognition pins.

Paige immediately befriended all the 4H girls and asked to tag along with them offering to help with anything she could.

They gave away a good amount of raffle prizes after dinner.  Both Paige and Bryce wanted to help with that as well.

While they were busy working, I was checking the score of the Giants game on my new this thing!  But poor Giants....they did not fare well.  Hopefully they'll work it out for Saturday's game.

We came away from the evening with a bottle of some award winning wine.

Maybe we'll drink it tonight, at home on this rainy night, in front of a roaring fire.

Happy Friday!  Cheers!
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