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October 17, 2010

The Food at Firestone Grill and Farmer's Market of San Luis Obispo

If you're thinking of visiting San Luis Obispo sometime in the future, including a Thursday night within the visit might be a fun idea.  Let me show you why.

We arrived in SLO last Thursday evening and after checking into our hotel, we headed downtown for a quick dinner.

Firestone Grill is a very casual indoor-outdoor restaurant.  Definitely kid-friendly.  You order at the counter inside and wait for your number to be called when your food is ready.

Inside, there's a sports bar type feel to the dining room.  TVs all around, a bar in the center {it is a college town after all} with a loud, fun atmosphere.  We chose to eat outside in the patio area instead.

Paige wanted a hot dog.  This is the adult version {we forgot to order the kid's size} but she ate almost the entire thing.

 A few french fries to go along with it.

I think Bryce's favorite food is a hamburger.  He orders it at every restaurant we go to.

I ordered this veggie burger and it was really good.  It came with all the fixing's including sprouts, which I really enjoyed.

Dominic, Dominic, Dominic.....the Monster Burger for I know where Bryce gets it!

After dinner we walked down the street to the SLO Thursday night Farmer's Market.  This is a HUGE Farmer's Market that's the length of more than a few blocks.  We needed the walk and the kids, of course wanted a little dessert. 

Typical Farmer's Market fair was found.

Bryce spotted these right away and chose one for his treat.

Chocolate covered marshmallow.

Paige wanted a cookie.  She found the biggest one she could at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory booth.  I had a bite or two of it, and it was super sweet. Half of it was covered in white chocolate.  We didn't let her eat the entire thing {in case you're wondering}.

After every one's appetite was satisfied, we headed back to Embassy Suites for the night to try and put these two sugar high kids to bed.  We don't deprive our kids of sugar all of the time, but boy, when they eat some, we sure notice the difference!

Another fun night in SLO! 

Happy Sunday!
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