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October 13, 2010

Indian Summer = Ripe Tomatoes

I know you've heard me complain about the 95 degree weather we've been having here in northern California this October, but yesterday when I went out to water, I found these.....

YES!  Ripened tomatoes!  I thought it would never happen this year!  And it's all in thanks to our hot Indian Summer weather. 

So you won't hear me complain anymore.  I promise!  I'm SO looking forward to these green tomatoes turning red in the days to come.

 The lemon cucumbers are also plentiful.

I just love tomato and cucumber salads.  Slice them up, some Kosher salt, fresh ground pepper, olive oil, and vinegar.  So Good! 

Bryce enjoyed this dish so much, he began making tomato and cucumber 'sandwiches' out of the slices.  He ate about six or seven 'sandwiches' joke!

Maybe the Indian Summer weather can do something for my itty bitty watermelons......

Happy Wednesday!
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