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October 18, 2010

Cal Poly Dairy Classic Sale and the SLO Bar Scene

Another portion of our San Luis Obispo trip included the annual Cal Poly Dairy Classic Show and Sale.  This was held on Friday night at the Cal Poly Dairy and is a fundraiser for the Cal Poly Dairy Science Department. World class dairy cows, heifers and calves are up for auction.

As soon as we arrived, kids in tow, we found out Bryce and Paige's little cousins had just left to go back to their house {which is only 4 minutes away}.  Rich, their dad and Dominic's cousin is the dairy manager at Cal Poly.  You might remember Rich in one of my previous posts, 'Farmers on Summer Vacation'.  Anyway, Bryce and Paige were invited to go over to the house to play with their cousins and were VERY excited to do so.

Rich welcomes everyone to the sale and gets the show on the road.

It's always fun to visit Cal Poly because we get to say hi to our home town kids that happen to be attending Cal Poly at the time.   Here's Lianne walking up this beautiful red Holstein up for auction.

 Hi Lianne!

We also said hi to Sam,

and Kellie, both of whom were on the Petaluma FFA Dairy Judging ChampionshipTeam that Dominic coaches.

We stayed at the sale for an hour or so.

Before the sale begins, they have a BBQ dinner for everyone.  Here I am with my blogging buddy, the Dairy Goddess who was also at the sale.

After one last look at the dairy cows, we headed over to pick up the kids.  But when we arrived at the house, the kids were having SO much fun with their cousins, they didn't want to leave and begged to spend the night.  Well, they got the okay from us.

Sooo, what's a couple of parents to do with an overnight babysitter {thank you Heather!}, staying in a college town?  Yep, hit the downtown bar scene.  Off to Bull's Tavern, a bar that was frequented by Dominic and his friends when he attended Cal Poly many years ago......always good to relive fun memories, right?

 OH, and look who we ran into!  The Dairy Goddess and Kris!

And I learned something from my blogging buddy on this outing to Bull's......

That Madras are GOOD!

Talk about feeling, shall we say mature.  The mid range age of bar hoppers in this college town {or any college town}  is 23 or so.  But it was fun just the same. 

Good times in SLO!

We also ran into Jim and Jen, whom Dominic went to Cal Poly with and happened to be out and about on this Cal Poly Classic weekend.  Fun to catch up with them.

After Bull's, we walked a couple blocks to Marston's where we met Rich and friends.

Another crowded hang-out. 

And lastly, on our walk back, we walked past the infamous, Gumball Ally.  Quite colorful don't you think?   This entire ally way is covered in gum and has been this way since way before Dominic attended Cal Poly.....ahh the good memories just keep popping up.

Happy Monday!

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