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October 14, 2010

Big, Big Things On The Ranch

Big, Big things are happening at the ranch these days.  A few weeks ago I showed you and talked about how and why manure is spread here on our ranch, well now that Dominic has pumped out all he can pump from the manure pond.....and the Big Boys have moved in.  We contract out to the Poncia company to come and finish up the job with their ginormous excavator and their line up of manure trucks.  The job will be complete in no time.

The excavator drives into the manure pit and scoops out all of the solids, loads it all into trucks, the trucks are then driven to various parts of the ranch to shoot the manure out upon the pasture lands. This is the biggest pooper scooper I have ever seen, how about you?

Last week all the liquid was pumped out of the manure pond and spread upon pasture land.

And soon, after the first rain, it will look like this......

The nutrients from the manure allow a lush, green, velvety grass to grow.  The effects of the manure is even more apparent in the spring time when all of the grass is green.....there is a notable difference in the green tones of the grass from where the manure was spread to where it wasn't.  When the time comes in a few months, I'll show you the difference.
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I'm on my way to San Luis Obispo as you read this.   I'll fill you in tomorrow on what I've been asked to do:)
Okay, okay, I'll give you a hint.  I'll probably be feeling a lot like this.......

Wish me luck!
Happy Thursday!
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