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October 5, 2010

North Bay Dairy Women Hospice Fashion Show & Luncheon

Today Paige and I attended the annual North Bay Dairy Women Hospice Fashion Show.  This is a fundraiser that benefits Hospice of Petaluma and is put on by North Bay Dairy Women.  This was my first time attending.  Now that Paige is four, I figured she would be able to sit quietly through a 'grown up meeting' and fashion show.

It was held in St. John's Church Hall in Petaluma.  All of the tables were decorated and set by NBDW board members.  Dishes and china brought from home, creating a different theme for every table.

Here is the table I sat at.  It was beautifully decorated by Clairette, who is a Willow House Design Consultant.  LOVE their dishes and home items.

All of the tables were beautifully set and decorated.  Here are a few of the others...

A short but sweet NBDW meeting took place before lunch. 

And then lunch was served!  Catered by Lombardi's BBQ.

Grilled chicken, a creamy penne and a fresh green salad.  So good.  It's always all about the food for me, what can I say except I love to eat!

Oh and dessert.....little mini cheese cakes that are probably the BEST I've ever kidding!  These were made by board member Sue.  Boy, I sure hope this recipe is in the new NBDW cookbook that's coming out in December. 

 I could have eaten three.

Paige opted out of the cheese cake.  Didn't even want to try it.  Instead she had one of these....

I think she had a feeling there would be chocolate inside.

Okay, enough about the food.  Right after lunch, the fashion show began.  All the clothing came from Sack's Hospice Thrift Store.  Here is Dairy Princess, Emilie modeling this spring outfit.

Here are some of the other fashions presented.....




A fun afternoon.  Great visiting with the ladies at my table, Ester, my friend Teri's grandma whom I haven't seen in over a year. 

And Paige, who had been on the go since 10 a.m. at her gymnastics class, all the way to 3 p.m. behaved like such a big girl.  She can definitely be my date again at the next function.

Happy Tuesday!
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Anonymous said...

She is sooooo cute!!! Sounds like a great day and a great cause! Deb

An Authentic Life said...

What a great event! Wish I could have attended. Hospice deserves all the love for the fantastic work they perform.

Way to go Paige-ster!!

Anonymous said...

I know those cheesecakes well, Aunt Sue makes them sooo good! Someday I'll get the recipe! Looks like a load of fun - good job to Paige for being such a 'big girl'!

Deanna McIsaac Jensen

theresa EH said...

Oh Paige, what a great girl you are!!! What a fun looking event and I love the clothes ;-)
Theresa in Alberta
p.s. I would like one cheesecake and 1 moo pie please,mmmmmmm

Katie said...

Lovely day & pictures. Paige is quite the sweetie.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Those tables are certainly beautifully set out. And what a good idea to make those mini cheesecakes in paper cases - I have never seen that done before - shall try it next time I make a cheesecake. Paige is a lovely little girl.