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October 8, 2010

Cooper and Chloe's Playdate

All during last school year, I volunteered at Bryce's school on Tuesdays.  Bryce's teacher/Principal, Mrs. D. has a little dog, just like Chloe but a couple of years older.  I got Chloe from the same breeder Mrs. D. got Cooper from.  Anyway, every Tuesday I would bring Chloe along with me so she and Cooper could have a play date for a couple of hours while I volunteered.  They LOVE each other.

This year I volunteer to teach cooking a couple times a month, which is not the best situation for a doggie play date.  So yesterday when I dropped Bryce off at school, I picked Cooper up and brought him home for a Chloe-Cooper play date.

Oooh was Chloe EVER SO happy.  They were SO excited and moving SO fast when they first saw one another in my house the photo is blurred!

Ears were a flyin'
Chloe is on the left, Cooper is wearing the blue harness.

Big smiles from both of them the entire time.
Chloe likes getting the upper hand most of the time and Cooper's such a gentlemen, he lets her.

Paige was also excited to see Cooper.  This photo below is taken just 15 minutes after Cooper arrived and their tongues are already hanging out. 

Cooper kisses.

Chloe showing her under carriage!  Bad girl!  Well, I guess they've known each other for a year....

A leisure stroll outside......

Taking in the view together......

I think someone likes Mac & Cheese!  Cooper is even polite when he begs.

Sorry buddy, not this time.....

Finally, rest time, just before it was time to go back to school.
I don't know if Cooper is allowed on the furniture at home, but he is here.  One of the great things about this breed of dog {Maltese/ShiTzu} is that they don't all.

Chloe can not wait until the next time and I'm sure Cooper can't either.

Happy Friday!  Cheers!
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Unknown said...

Nancy! These pictures are hysterical! Love it!

Pat Tillett said...

so darn cute! They look like best buds...

Jessica Johnson said...

Soooooo CUTE! The first picture says it all. They are so happy and having a ball. I think you should get Chloe a friend!