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October 6, 2010

This week is National 4-H Week.  Which means youth will be speaking to the community about club availability.  Any child, 5 years of age to 18 can be a part of the 4H community. 

Why is 4H important or why should I sign my child up, you may wonder.  Well, 4H has opened the door for young people to learn leadership skills and has revolutionized the way youth has connected to practical, hands on learning experiences while outside the classroom.

It builds confidence. Whether you child is outgoing or quiet, 4H will only improve his or her confidence and communication skills. 

This past Sunday was Marin County 4H Achievement Day.  Where some members received awards for various achievements they accomplished the previous year. 

 Bryce, walkin' the walk to receive his rainbow star patch.

Now mommy just needs to sew it on his hat.  {or maybe I can teach Bryce to do it?}

Happy Wednesday!
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