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October 20, 2010

My Partner in Crime on this Wicked Wednesday

Apparently the idea of 'Wicked Wednesday' is catching on.  I first got the idea from Bryce's school.  They celebrate Wicked Wednesday every Wednesday which allows the boys at school to play 'Star Wars' and it's also the day the mobile library van comes.....which allows the boys to check out their books for the week and that always include Star Wars.

A few days ago, my niece, Ami called me and asked what I was doing for Wicked Wednesday this week.  Although I had nothing planned, I told her to come on over in the morning and we would find something to do.  And we did.

First stop was JoAnn's to purchase fall decorating items for the house.  Next stop was here......

One of the knobs on the cabinet in the kitchen had broke, so I was in search of a replacement.  Of course they aren't carrying the same model so I had to buy two of a different  model for a matching set.

I love Anthropologie!  They have the most adorable things for the house.  But I was good and walked out of the store with only the two knobs and nothing else.

I was tempted by these ceramic measuring spoons though....

After walking around and browsing for a while, we worked up a hunger and headed over to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch.

Bread and butter is always immediately brought to the table. 

I LOVE this dark bread with butter.  SO good.  I allowed myself one piece.

Another treat for me was the raspberry lemonade I ordered.  I'm don't drink juice very often so this was super sweet for me, but I liked it.

Ami had some iced tea.

The menu at the Cheesecake Factory is HUGE.  Difficult to choose.  But I finally decided upon the Bar-B-Que Salmon.

We wanted to try their sweet potato fries so we ordered a side of them to share.

The few we ate were really delicious and they came with this spicy chili sauce.  We wanted to save room for the main entree {and dessert} otherwise we would have devoured the entire thing.

My salmon came with a mound of mashed potatoes and a stack of onion rings and some corn relish.  Everything was really great and I brought half of it home with the thought of incorporating it into my dinner plans somehow.

Ami's lunch included a bowl of baked potato soup {which I tried and loved}, a half sandwich and a salad.  Ami also brought a good portion of her meal home for dinner as well.  They serve a ton of food at this place!

When we walked in, before we were seated, we spied this red velvet cheesecake.  And this is why this Wednesday is Wicked!  We shared a piece but brought half of it home because this portion was also HUGE.

Layers of red velvet cake, cheesecake topped with frosting and white chocolate curls......very wicked!
Just trying to do my part to support the dairy industry in any way I can......cheesecake, whipped cream, butter, you get the idea.

How was your Wednesday Wicked??
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Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Stop it! You just made me green with envy!

crystal.cattle said...

Oooh, I wanted to join you on a Wicked Wednesday. I love Anthropologie, and the Cheesecake factory. Sounds like you had an awesome day. The food looked amazing.

Jessica Johnson said...

The red velvet cheesecake is my FAVORITE one at the Cheesecake Factory. Every cheesecake I've had there is awesome but that one is the best by far. I love the dark bread too. I'm craving Cheesecake Factory, it's been too long since I've been there!