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November 1, 2010

Stuck in the Dairy Farm Cow Tofu

There are many, many days where we begin the afternoon looking like this.  Happy to be driving the feed wagon with Daddy.  Helping feed the dairy farm cows. 

I see especially witness large smiles when the kids can help Daddy drive the tractor.  I mean what four and six year old doesn't like to be in control........of anything, especially a large piece of machinery?

But inevitably, on the second or maybe third ride back up to the commodity barn, they end up staying  to play in the feed.  They can't help themselves, it's SO much fun!  Plus they know their mother LOVES doing laundry.

You may remember in one of my posts, that our dairy cows eat tofu mixed in their daily feed......14 tons weekly!  I'm not a tofu fan for myself but boy, the dairy cows sure like it!

With the wet weather we've been having lately, the tofu is a bit wet.  Bryce actually got his rubber boots stuck in it.  Just like wet cement. {I guess it's better the tofu than something else he could get himself stuck in on a dairy.....right?} 

I pulled him out.  I don't think he was too distressed over it.
We take a lot of baths at our house.  Sometimes two a day are required.

Happy Monday!
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