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November 14, 2010

Ag Summit for D & some authentic Mexican Food for Me

Dominic is either working on the ranch or he's attending meetings.  He once counted 24 meetings within a one month span.  This may not sound like very many meetings to someone if it's part of their job description, but it's not part of Dominic's.  Although, the meetings have everything to do with Agriculture....every single one. He attends these meetings on top of his seven day work week, all for the betterment of agriculture.  I could go on and on about how heavily regulated California is and how difficult it is to sustain a business here, but I won't.  The all day Ag Summit he just attended was put on by our county Supervisor, Steve Kinsey and the Extension Office here in Marin.  It was held to discuss ideas and goals for the future of Ag in Marin and how these goals can be achieved.

So you can imagine, how I feel when he's at a meeting like that, and I'm at a place like Guaymas, on a beautiful, 75 degree November day with four girlfriends, I tend to feel a bit guilty.
Okay.........not that guilty, I was still able to enjoy myself.

Guaymas is an authentic Mexican restaurant that sits right on the water in Tiburon.  Boy, did we ever luck out with the weather!  The outdoor patio was actually too warm.  But we worries.  

This was the view from our table on the upper patio.  With San Francisco off in the distance and Angel Island just a short ferry ride away {you can see it on the left side of the photo}, it can't get more picturesque than this.

We started with some Hanna wine.  We brought our own....we're not wine snobs or anything ;) but considering it was my friend, Wendy's birthday, some special vino was most definitely required.

Chips and guaq to start.

Ever since the Border Grill's Alaskan Halibut tacos at the Foodbuzz Fest I ate, I can't get enough of halibut. Devi and I shared the Alaskan Halibut with roasted jalapeno polenta cake, which came with a bowl of rice and black beans and corn tortillas.  I made my own Alaskan Halibut tacos out of this dish.  Halibut is definitely my favorite type of fish.

We also shared a trio of tamales; chicken, pork and green corn masa with cactus and plantain {this one was sweet tasting, almost like dessert for me}.  This was a huge plate full of tamales and we barely put a dent in them....leftovers!

Deb, Wendy & Jody.

Birthday girl's Ceviche....

Round Two:  Dutton Estate Syrah.  This was actually one of Wendy's birthday presents and she wanted to open it.  What's a great bottle of wine if you can't enjoy it with four other good friends, right?!

The only issue with outdoor restaurant seating are the birds!  At least they wait until the customers have vacated the table before devouring the leftovers.

Good friends, good food and wine = a great day.

Downtown Tiburon.

Happy Sunday!
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