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November 3, 2010

Political Party Night

Last night Dominic and I attended our first 'political victory party'.  I was excited to go, considering all the hoopla over the 2010 election across the nation.  The party was held at the Double Tree Hotel and it was to celebrate Jim Judd, who was running for Congress.

A few hundred people in attendance enjoying some good appetizers, desserts, beer and wine.

I went straight for dessert.  This was a creamy coconut square that was very sweet and tasty.....right up my alley.

I had already eaten dinner at home, so all I had room for was dessert.  I probably should have opted for some fruit for dessert instead of the coconut square, but I didn't.

Dominic had fruit and cheese and he snuck a bite of my dessert while I was snapping some photos.  He was amazed that I could tell he had taken a bite.  But when you only allow yourself a certain amount of sweets, you cherish every.  last.  bite. 

I wish I could remember the name of the young girl singing with her band, because she's definitely going to be one of the next big, country music stars.  She has an amazing voice!

There were a few TV's scattered throughout the ballroom, which some guests were glued to.

In the end, Jim Judd didn't gain the congressional seat he and everyone in the room had hoped for but he put up a really good campaign.  Maybe next time.

Happy Wednesday!
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