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November 28, 2010

Where Oh Where Would the Dairy Farmer's Wedding Band Be?

It was a very cold day here on the dairy on Thanksgiving morning.  Down right frosty.  The day went on just as any normal day would, Dominic went out to feed and take care of the cows and calves and I stayed in, stoked up the fire and then prepared some appetizers to take to my sister's for Thanksgiving.

Pretty soon, it was time to drive over to my sister's for the afternoon and later, dinner.  Dominic stayed home to finish feeding and caring for the cows and eventually showed up at 6 pm or so.

"How'd your afternoon go?"

"Not good" {okay, those weren't is exact words}

"Oh?  What happened?"

and that's when he lifted his left hand wiggling his ring finger. 

One platinum wedding band......gone!  It's been seven years since he first put that wedding band on and has worn it to work every day, without a problem, until this cold, frigid Thanksgiving day. 

The wedding band could be amidst the straw in the calf barn is a good possibility.

An even better possibility would be was cold after all, and little calves make good finger warmers.   Dominic must have missed my post titled "How to Survive a Trip to the Calf Barn".  
Actually, Dominic trains the calves to drink milk out of  a bucket by letting them suck his fingers while submerged in the bucket of milk.  Or, if a calf needs to be moved to a different area of the barn, you let her suck your fingers and she'll follow along anywhere.

Maybe 100 years from now, someone will find that ring.  But for now, the platinum wedding band will be replaced by this Titanium band that I've ordered from  It looks almost identical to the original platinum {except $1,100 dollars less}.  Maybe I should have bought two, one for a backup.  No, I'm confident this $31.99 Titanium ring will last a lifetime.

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Happy Sunday!

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