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November 12, 2010

Boudin SF - Best Kept Secret {at least to me}

At what age can a child hold up to an entire day of shopping?  Well, if you ask my daughter, her answer would be "four!".  My friend Devi and I had planned to drive down to San Francisco for our annual shopping trip but my babysitting fell through for the day, but that didn't stop us.  We were motivated mamas!  We altered our plans to instead head down to Corte Madera "The Village" instead.  That way if Paige decided to call it quits {because she dictates things of this matter}, we would be close to home as opposed to walking around San Francisco.

We headed down at around 10:00a.m.  We met Devi at Starbucks and began to shop.  Paige did really well, I was so impressed!  By noon we were HUNGRY!  It was between The Cheesecake Factory or Boudin's - which I had never been to.  When my niece, Ami and I went shopping on that one "Wicked Wednesday", she had mentioned that she enjoyed Boudin's, so Boudin won out and what a great choice!

Paige ate this entire bowl of mac and cheese.

Devi ordered the crab melt.  I didn't try it but she said it was good.

I ordered the chicken club.  I don't know if it's because I was super hungry or if this was indeed the best chicken club I've ever had.  I preceded to eat the entire thing!  And I want one right now at 10:30 a.m., looking at these photos.  The chicken was grilled to perfection, nice and juicy, the tomatoes tasted fresh, the avocados creamy and I like bacon on any sandwich {except for maybe PB&J} all on toasted sourdough....a brilliant combination.

So, let's just say Boudin's is now, my new favorite lunch place.  Oh and it's very kid friendly too and they serve beer and wine if you're into that.  If you ever find yourself in the bay area and come across Boudin's, it's a must try.

This was a nice touch....they came around with a basket of fresh baked sourdough, right out of the oven and a pat of butter to hand out to anyone who wanted one.  I was too full but brought one home for later.......that I forgot about and found in my shopping bag later that evening.  I hate to waste food but it was hard as a rock so I broke it up and threw it to the birds here on the ranch.

Paige really ended up scoring on our shopping day, Devi brought all of her daughter's hand-me-down Polly Pockets to give to Paige. 
Such a fun day!  Paige can hang with the 'big girls' any day!

Happy Friday! Cheers!
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