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May 22, 2012

WW: Five Year Old Attitude

Wordless Wednesday I have some five year old attitude.

I can go into many stories from just this one day, but I'll only subject you to one.

I think most of you know, if you've been reading for a while, that Paige is the Portuguese Little Queen for the Petaluma Holy Ghost Society.  Her duties include marching in various processions during the celebration of the Holy Ghost in different towns.  This past weekend was our home town of Novato.

The procession begins in the morning, Novato's walk only a 30 minute trek to the church and then after mass, another 30 minute trek back to the hall.  The outside temperature normally sets tempo for the day.  This past Sunday, the temperature reached to the high 70's but wearing a velvet cape feels at least 10 degrees warmer.

Normally, I take the cape off of Paige for the walk back, give her plenty of water to drink, snacks to eat and make sure she's slathered in sunscreen, which all makes for an easy walk back.

After removing the cape, I mistakenly mention to Paige that she now looks like Morgan's flower girl.  Morgan is Paige's cousin and is marching directly behind her as the Junior Queen.

"I want my cape back ON!"

But it'll be too hot for you....

"I want IT ON."

Ask politely and I'll put it back on for you........princess.

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