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May 3, 2012

National Burger Month

The weather's getting warmer, the days longer, and the outdoor grill is getting fired up.  May is National Burger Month and what better way to celebrate but to make your own sliders.  Super easy, the kids love them because they're tasty and oh so cute.

For my sliders, I began with a pound of ground beef....I pulled one of our 'chubs' out of the freezer from the beef we raise.

Form patties about the size of a sand dollar or so.

Salt and pepper is all you need for seasoning.

Next, you can do one of three things, fry them, BBQ them or use your indoor grill pan like I did.

They take about three minutes on each side.

For buns, we used King's Hawaiian dinner rolls, or any dinner rolls will do.

Lay some baby spinach greens {or any greens} on the bottom bun and add a generous dollop of Chobani Guacamole or whatever your favorite topping may be on top of the Slider.

Best Slider ever!

What's your favorite burger?  Beef, Lamb, Turkey or Veggie?

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