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May 8, 2012

A Boca Lunch

To kick off another great year for a girlfriend, a group of us arranged to have a birthday lunch for her at Boca Steakhouse here in Novato.  We were not disappointed.

The atmosphere at Boca is that of an upscale steakhouse; leather all around, warm tones, business casual attire.....the guys would like it also as it has a 'man cave' feel to it as well.   There is a full bar off the main dining room, a cellar in which you can reserve for private parties and a outdoor patio under a giant oak tree. 

For lunch, four out of the five girls ordered the Crab Louis salad.  Which came with an abundance of crab, spears of asparagus and avocado.  They all loved it. 

I, on the other hand, was more in the mood for a chunk of meat.  I ordered the Petaluma Chicken Breast Sandwich with a side of Duck Fries.

Happy and satisfied for sure.  The sandwich included caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato and topped with a pesto garlic aioli.  I shared my Duck Fries, fried in duck fat with the group, they were SO good with just the right amount of crisp.

My waistband expanded just LOOKING at this dessert, I'm sure of it.  Well worth it though.  The Boca Brownie Sundae for two was topped with coffee, caramel and vanilla ice creams and freshly whipped cream with chocolate sauce.

I also 'tested' the banana bread pudding, and then mixed the two desserts together on my spoon and thought I had been transported straight to heaven.

I'm off to the gym now.  Have a fantastic evening!

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