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May 9, 2012

TT: Racing Through Cow Patties ~ NorCal Cycling Race

Excitement, pumped up, parent participation, high school kids, mountain bikes, cow bells and a hot, dry and dusty trail were many of the elements that came together for the NorCal Cycling Championship race this past weekend held at Stafford Lake.  

The distance of the squiggly looped trail was 4.8 miles, beginning at Stafford Lake and including about one mile through our family's ranch, through the cow patties and back around to Stafford.

NorCal Cycling League provides competitive mountain biking programs for high school kids in grades 9th through 12th. They travel throughout California much of the year to compete in various races. 

My friend's son, Ross, was competing in the race for his team, San Marin.  I was super excited to attend my first mountain bike race, an all new experience for me and I couldn't wait to see what it was all about.

The students are grouped according to their age and are sent out in different groups throughout the day.  The age of the riders also determines how many miles they are required to ride.  Ross' group needed to complete three laps, about 16 miles.

As the racers came around to where we were stationed {in the shade}, we rang mini cow bells to cheer them on.

After hanging out most of the day, I really got the sense of how many wonderful friendships are formed among the kids and the parents.  It's definitely a family supported sport.  The NorCal mountain biking community is a strong one, for sure.

Ross has placed 8th, overall in Northern California.  Now on to state Championships!

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