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May 10, 2012

Slim and Sexy as a Mouse?

photo courtesy Susan Erdman

When I first read this article this morning, I thought, who knew mice can be considered 'sexy', but of course it piqued my interest.

Scientists studying the effects of probiotics in combating obesity obtained a little more information than they had intended.  Not only does yogurt make mice slimmer but it also makes them sexier, apparently.

To test the theory, a group of mice was given a normal mouse diet and another group of mice was given the same diet but with an added portion of vanilla yogurt.  It was noticed, in the yogurt group of mice how thick and extremely shiny their fur became and that the male mice got their "swagger" on...... feeling like they were on top of their game.  Almost everything relating to fertility in the yogurt eating males was 'enhanced', yes, including their testicles.

The female yogurt eating mice were even shinier than the males and were observed being better moms to their larger litters.

So, what do you think?  Are you gonna run out and stock up on your probiotic yogurt?!  Or not?

Here's the link to the entire article: Yogurt and Mice  

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