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May 1, 2012

Wine from a Dixie Cup ~ Portuguese Holy Ghost Auction

Where else can you drink wine out of dixie cup and actually like and enjoy it?.....It's all about being Portuguese when attending big events, it's what we do and it's OK.

I met my Dad at the Petaluma Holy Ghost Portuguese Hall for their annual fundraiser - live auction.  Lunch is ALWAYS linguica, beans {feijao}, potato salad {salada de batata}, bread {pao} and of course wine {vino}.

I LOVE linguica....almost as much as I love bacon.  But unlike bacon, I don't eat linguica on a weekly basis so I was All In when this fundraiser came up.

Lunch was served family style.  Multi-generational.....young and old......

There are still a few quintessential Portuguese grandmas that attend with their perfectly coiffed hair do's, their many gold rings, their well put together outfits and their red lipstick.

Before the live auction begins, a little drinking comes into play.  Korbel and seven, red vino from a jug, or just some straight whiskey.....whatever works.

There were around 10 calves and 3-4 beef steers to be auctioned off.

The crowd gathered and......

the Auctioneer began.....

I slipped out at this point....not sure who bought what but I do know everyone had a full belly and a good time.

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