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May 17, 2012

Piercing a Five Year Old

When I first got my ears pierced, I was eight years old.  My Mom brought me down to Linch Jewelry in downtown Petaluma where I chose from either gold ball earrings or gold ball earrings....yes, the only choice.

Fast forward to many years later.

I always had in the back of my mind that when Paige asked to have her ears pierced, whatever her age, I would be okay with it.  When she decided she was ready, I would take her.

That age is/was "5 and 3/4".

The choice of earring selection has completely expanded from many years ago.  Somewhere around 40 to choose from.....I thought this was gonna take ALL afternoon.

After scanning her choices, my decisive 5 year old knew exactly what she wanted when she spotted the classic diamond {cz}.  My Katy Perry wannabe first asked for the biggest, blingy diamond that caught her eye but I had to nix that idea and scale it down to a smaller version.......can't have a 5 year old running around with 1/2  carat cz's in each ear.

After deciding, things got quiet......REAL quiet.  She was nervous.  But like her mama, she sat there, quietly waiting and ready for whatever was coming her way.

Thankfully, unlike many years ago, two people with sanitized, gloved hands pierced both of her ears at the very same time.

She only had to make this face once.


Paige is very proud of her accomplishment.

She came straight home and changed into her 'biggest girl' outfit she could dig out of her closet.

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