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February 14, 2011

A Special Date for Valentine's Day

It's not very often I have the opportunity to go on a date with my favorite boy in the entire world.  Just the two of us.  Bryce was off school today for a scheduled teacher in service day but Paige still had preschool.  This rarely happens, it's normally Paige and I on Mom-daughter dates.

Dominic was tending the ranch on this rainy day as he does everyday of the week.  He's such a good Dad and does make the time to spend one on one time with both Bryce and Paige, it's just in a different setting, like target practice or deer hunting, t-ball practice, riding bikes, you know, normal 'dad' stuff. 

I prefer the going out to eat and then shopping version.

Bryce was totally excited to drop Paige off at preschool and drive over to the Star Restaurant for breakfast with me.  I figure I better take advantage of his willingness to go on a Mom-son date, because I don't know how many years his enthusiasm of going out with Mom will last.

We sat in a booth near the window and Bryce asked if he could sit next to me rather than across the table....of course!!

A Mickey Mouse shaped pancake with a side of fruit salad for the ham.  This was extra special considering he was allowed to have syrup with his pancake instead of just me, his teacher appreciates my 'no syrup' rule on school days.  Sugar and Bryce don't get along very well.

And I had some scrambled eggs, fruit and hash browns with decaf. 

After breakfast we headed back over to Paige's preschool because I found we had left her lunch box in the car.  Then off to Toys R Us for a promised Star Wars Lego set and a V-day gift Bryce wanted to pick out for Paige.

No special plans for tonight, Bryce and I are attending his 4H meeting.

What did you do for Valentine's Day?

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