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February 2, 2011

Can Drinking Milk Help Your Garlic Breath?

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I once ate garlic bread named "Seven Head Garlic Bread". That's some pretty serious garlic bread right?. I think I ate it more on a dare than anything else but I must say, I did like it.

Good news, Good news!!  If you're a garlic lover like I am, you'll be happy to know that drinking a glass of milk before or during eating a garlicky dinner can help reduce the after effects.....garlic breath.
A recent study suggests that milk is perhaps even more effective at banishing garlic breath by as much as 95 percent - particularly if you drink it before or during a garlicky meal. Researchers found that milk offered greater odor-reducing effects for garlic breath than other foods previously tested-prunes, basil, burdock, eggplant and mushrooms. “The water {in milk} rinses the mouth,” says Sheryl Barringer, ph. D., a professor of food science and technology at Ohio State University, “but it’s not just the water; it’s the fat.” while any kind of milk will help to kill the garlic after effects, whole milk was more effective than skim.

So eat up that garlicky dish you've been craving, just be sure to add a glass of milk to that meal as well.  I know I will.

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