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February 24, 2011

Secret Tunnel

We drive by it every day. 

We and many others drive over it every day.

Walking through it from our farm, leads to Stafford Lake.  The Secret Tunnel, as I call it, is only secret because my kids didn't know it existed until yesterday. {and Bryce still doesn't}

While Bryce was in school yesterday, Paige and I went on a 'ranch walk' to see what we could discover.  I led Paige through the tall green grass on an area of the farm that's near the road.  Nearing the gated tunnel entrance, seeing it for the first time, Paige became excited with the prospect of experiencing something new on our morning adventure.

After opening the gate and walking through, Paige discovered we were now at Stafford Lake Park.  When she got her bearings and realized exactly where we were, she was amazed we didn't need to cross the busy road to get there.  It's acessable through the Secret Tunnel that only we can use.

The tunnel was once used {and is still used once in a great while} to move cows from our ranch, to the other side of the road where the other half of our property lies, behind Stafford Lake.

Once on the park side, we took a little stroll down a paved path.

Once we reached the end of the path {because X marks the spot}, we turned and walked back.

Back through the tunnel, we stopped midway to wait for a car to drive overhead so we could hear how loud it sounded from the inside. 

We also found hints of another tunnel walker that had visited recently.  Looks like a racoon or skunk print.....not sure which.

My kids LOVE tunnels and I don't know why I haven't shown them this before.

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