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February 18, 2011

Snow Trip......well almost

The morning started out with high hopes and full of enthusiasm, looking forward to our annual snow trip to Lake Tahoe with our good friends.

What?  Winter storm warning?

They always over exaggerate, don't they?  What's driving through a little snow fall?

Off we went.  Hitting a torrential down pouring of rain through Sacramento and to the east on the way to the Sierra Nevada's.

All was good.  Roads open.  Four wheel drive with snow tires are ok and cleared to begin the trek up and over the summit.

Until we get to Colfax.

Highway 80 closed due to some sort of 20 car pile up accident that just happened 10 minutes prior.
The Grossi family guardian angel is working over time this week.  I was SO thankful we weren't caught up in that.

So, what else could we do?
Turn back and drive to Auburn, do a little bowling and either find a room for the night or wait for the roads to re-open.

We arrived in Tahoe at 11:30 p.m.

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