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February 20, 2011

Spectacular Lake Tahoe

There's a break between storms here in Lake Tahoe and it is just other way to describe it.
Perfect weather for playing outside and taking walks.

The roads near where we're staying are either closed or chains required for 4-wheel drives.  Since we don't have chains for our 4-wheel drive, we're hanging at the condo in Tahoe City.

Another photo of icicles, can you tell I love them?

No complaints from us though.  We built a sledding path right outside our front door, what more can you ask for?!  If the kids get tired or just need a break, the condo front door is just to the left in this photo below.

So we played 'cops & robbers' on sleds.  Paige and I were the 'robbers' and Logan and Derrick were the cops chasing us and Bryce decided to impale us with snowballs as we whizzed by.

Everyone took turns. 

I love having everything right outside the front door.  No driving required.  Cheers! 

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