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February 13, 2011

Partying for FFA

It's been a whole year since I've blogged about attending the FFA Dinner/Dance Fundraiser.  Well, last night we attended the event again to show our support for Petaluma FFA.

It's a really fun event held at the Elk's Lodge and entertaining a sold out crowd.  A silent auction, live auction and a raffle help to raise funds for Petaluma FFA - Future Farmers of America.  The Petaluma and surrounding areas really rally when it comes to showing support for our future farmers.

Check out some of who was in attendance: Doug Buttke; Dairyman, Mike Morretti; Dairyman, Renee Renati; another wife of a Dairyman, Mark Pomi; rancher & Firefighter and Don Silacci; retired Dairyman{but has another career now}.

One thing about attending a party at an Elk's Lodge, they have a great selection of cocktails to choose from {for a very inexpensive cost}.  My cocktail for the evening was a Myers Rum and diet Coke.

Cocktail hour before dinner - Dominic, Louie Ghirardeli, Darrin DeCarli and Mark Pomi

Getting ready to eat.  Can you believe I forgot to take any photos of the food!  It was good.  We had tri-tip roast, turkey, pasta, green salad, sauted mushrooms and veggies with some creamy cheesecake for dessert.

Another way the Petaluma FFA makes some money is the welding students make the table displays and various decorations and at the end of the night you can purchase them.

Some of the girls..........

Our table -  Darrin & Trisha DeCarli, Cindy & Mark Pomi - thanks Cindy for being our designated driver for the evening!

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Michelle said...

Looks like a great time!

Calamity Lace said...

Looks like the evening was very nice! I love going to the Elks with my parents for the drinks...I need to become a member.

Pat Tillett said...

Happy Valentine's Day Nancy!