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February 28, 2011

Chloe, the Escapee

Yesterday we were at my sister and brother-in-law's house for a combined birthday party for my niece and nephew.  They have a couple of puppies, Buddy {who you may have read about on my 4H Presentation Day post} and Brownie.  Chloe was invited to attend the party as well.

Maybe I should take some notes, next time, when I'm watching my niece train her puppy, because Chloe escapes at any chance she can get.  And she doesn't come when called......even if I have a handful of treats! I think she thinks it's a game......or she just likes to be a stinker.

So the front door was left open and that's all that Chloe needed to dash out.  Both Buddy and Brownie followed her. 

I guess the temptation of all the new smells were too much to handle.  There's sheep poop, chickens and pygmy goats after all!  Totally different than a dairy farm, right?

They headed down towards the dam, first thing.  Brownie and Buddy were the first to be caught.  Chloe was a bit more stubborn.

She had to go get good and dirty before she was caught.

We did get a chance to go visit the two Pygmy goats that have recently arrived on the ranch.  Here's Georgie.

Paige wants one...........I want one!

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