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February 3, 2011

Little Emma & A First Time Dairy Farm Experience

The other day after Paige's gymnastics class, her friend and preschool classmate, Miss K. came over for a play date.  After having lunch and playing at the house for a while, the girls wanted to go down to visit the cows and calves. 

Visiting a dairy farm was a brand new experience for Miss K. and her Mom.  After changing into rubber boots, we headed down to the barns.

Paige couldn't wait to introduce Miss K. to Little Emma.  Emma is about a month old now and is doing better with the halter training.  She was really excited to see us when we walked into the barn.

My guess is that Emma was hoping for a few fingers to suck on.  In Paige's case, the entire hand.  But Paige was happy to oblige. 

After the calf barn, we headed over to Joey's pasture to say hi.  Scaredy Cow was close by and I was surprised that she didn't go trotting off right away this time.

Even though Miss K. wasn't into letting the calves lick her or give her gooey fingers, she had a great time and wants to come visit again. 

The conversation at preschool amongst Paige, Miss K. and all of their other friends and teachers will probably be an interesting one.  You never know what kids get out of 1st time experiences like this one until the next day when they share their story with their friends.

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