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November 16, 2010

Even the Heifers & Dairy Cows Are Enjoying The Indian Summer

It's mid November, you would expect it to be rainy, cold and about 50 degrees out here in northern California, but not this year, not this November.  Just when I put away my summer clothes and began wearing boots, scarves and cozy coats, I had to bring out the summer pants, flip flops and paint my toenails again because it's 80 degrees!

I don't dare complain about it though.  I know what's around the corner, even as close as this up-coming weekend.  I'll just enjoy it while we have it and be thankful for this sunny, Indian summer weather.  Maybe more of my green tomatoes will ripen?  We'll see.

You know who else is enjoying the sunny weather?  Take a look at these girls.......  

If only I could read their mind.  I imagine they're thinking it's great to live here.  We're out on pasture, it's sunny and warm, AND we have fresh, new, sweet and tender green grass to graze upon from all the rain we had in October!

I, myself had to take a walk up the hill behind our home to pay the girls a little visit {no bull in sight}.  Cows are the most curious animals.  They are very trusting and walk right up to you, unafraid and gentle.

Here they come, all of them.

I'm pretty sure if I had stayed around a little longer, they would have used me for a salt lick.

But instead, I walked back down the cow trail to the house.

And look who was waiting for me!  Little Miss Chloe, the wanna-be-cow-dog.

Happy Tuesday!
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1 comment:

Pat Tillett said...

Nice pictures Nancy! Cows are very gentle. I love their eyes.
I remember that whereever a cow would lick me, flies would land there...