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May 3, 2011

Sweetheart the Dairy Calf

If Paige has any say in the matter, we'll have all of the calves at the calf barn named to her liking in no time.  All of them DO have names but Dominic is the one who normally names them for their paper work........although, I don't think he comes up with names such as 'Sweetheart'.

It wasn't long before we had Sweetheart out of her pen to play with.

Two week old Sweetheart definitely developed a fondness for Paige.  She searched her out and licked any part of her she could get a hold of.

"Oh that tickles!!"  says Paige.

During the time we were playing with Sweetheart, we had Barina tied for some more halter training.  Sweetheart snagged some of Barina's water while she was running around, Barina didn't mind a bit:)

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