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May 27, 2011

Cruisin' the Beef

Now that Paige doesn't have soccer on Thurday mornings, we have some free time.  Dominic was heading over to check on the progress at the 'Hidden Pond' so we went along for the drive. 

Along the way we came across a few of the beef cows; the two bulls and a couple of older mamas that don't make the trek up to the top of the hill {that you can see in the background} for the summer.
This is Gertie.  Paige and I name all of the cows, or many of them anyway and the name Gertie seemed to fit this bovine.  She's the oldest mama beef and the only bovine with horns we have on the ranch.  At around 16 years old, Gertie still produces baby beefers.  She has it made, in my opinion; she gets to hang with the two bulls all year round, she grazes in the low lying acreage with beautiful views and nice grass.

She didn't even bat an eye when we drove up......not even when Chloe began barking her head off thinking she was all that as soon as she saw them.

But I guess Gertie figured she had her protection just behind her {or she just doesn't care}.  Our biggest bull is the all red one below.  You can't tell from this angle, but he's huge.

Gertie also hangs with another few of her girlfriends that stayed behind for the summer as well, along with the little young spit-fire of a bull {red one standing} in her entourage.

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