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May 10, 2011

The Hidden Pond

As a mom, I love spending time with my kids together and one on one.  But there's something extra special about one on one time.....maybe it's the fact that there is no competition for 'talk' time between the two kids with one on one time that I love so much? 

We love exploring.  Paige, my youngest, will begin Kindergarten in the fall and I've been feeling more and more melancholy about my baby's new chapter she's about to begin in her life.  So I've been cherishing our one on one time more than usual lately.

On this particular day, when Dominic was clearing some brush from ranch property behind Stafford Lake, you may remember Paige and I tagged along.  

We drove over in the truck to watch and explore.   

Just to the left and up a hill from where Dominic was clearing brush, sits our dam.  You would never know it's there by just driving's sort of hidden.  A hidden pond makes for some good exploring.

This pond provides water to the dairy calves that live over on this part of the ranch.  The water is filtered to a water trough just to the right and down the hill in the photo above.
Paige had a ball leading Chloe around to see what they could find.

And wild flowers are always high on the satisfaction list.

We'll plan many more trips over in the summer time.  We have some big plans for this pond!  The wild flowers will be gone but will bring a picnic lunch, some fishing poles and Bryce will be able to join us.

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