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May 16, 2011

The Circle of Life on a Farm

This isn't one of my favorite sites I get to experience on a daily basis on the dairy farm, but they live here, they eat here, they play their part in life and they're part of country living for sure.

It's not often, that I can snap a photo of them all lined up on fence posts either.  As I was driving out the other day, I spied this line up of Turkey Buzzards on the fence line.  I was hoping the baby Killdeer who would be just in front of them under the tree, who could have just hatched, wasn't what the buzzards had as an itty bitty snack.

Once on the road, and a little closer, I saw the reason they were all hanging out.  An old, resident, ferrel cat didn't make it back across the road to the ranch from Safford Lake Park.

And later on I checked on the Killdeer eggs.  They had hatched but the babies were nowhere to be found and I'm sure the ferrel cat had something to do with it........but such is the circle of life in nature and living in the country, we see it all........

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