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May 4, 2011

Invasion of the Dry Cows

If you've been following along with my horse, Joey's story, you then know he tends to founder when his pasture has grown rich, green grass and that he's in 'lock down' right now.

Joey's pasture is huge.  There's a ton of green grass that he looks longingly upon from the confines of his barn and small paddock.

This green grass must be eaten before Joey's let back out......enter, Dry Cows.  Dominic let a group of dry cows into the pasture to eat down some of the green grass has no adverse affects on a bovine.....they have four stomachs after all and can handle it.

Well on day two, the dry cows must have felt a bit of sympathy for poor ole Joey because they trompled down that hot wire fencing and busted him out of his confines.....oh yes they did! 

I'm sure Joey felt he hit pay dirt.  He couldn't eat fast enough.

A couple of hours later, Dominic corralled Joey back into his barn.  I showed up to give him some dry orchard grass, which he normally digs right into.  But this is the look {and thoughts}I got from him today.....

I threw the orchard grass in and he stares at me with, I'm sure, this very thought......

"You're kidding me, right?!

 "Why are the dairy cows allowed to eat pasture grass and not me?!!  It's just not right......"

Giving Joey orchard grass is like feeding a child broccoli while his friends, who are over to play, are given candy.  When you know your pets, you know exactly what they're thinking.  The poor guy just stood there and gave me the stink eye, not even attempting to eat his food.

Oh Joey, it's for your own good and soon you'll be able to take your pasture back.....I promise.

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