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May 11, 2011

Stopped In My Tracks

The recent weather we experienced last week has somehow disappeared!  It's windy, cold and rain is scheduled to come in again this weekend.

This weather leaves me with the feeling of winter again......which is not all bad because this is one of the thoughts I had.........

On our get away to Lake Tahoe this past winter, as I was walking along a pathway, all alone....sometimes just a quick and quiet five minute walk alone is just what I crave, to maybe, get the chance to notice things such as this...

A small, recently fallen pinecone laid in a pillow of freshly fallen snow.  Untouched by human hands.  It literally stopped me in my tracks.  At that moment, as I stood there, marveling at its beauty surrounded by the pure white snow, a feeling of gratefulness came over me.

Grateful for nature's beauty.

Grateful for being able to take a snow trip, with my family.

Grateful for the experiences we are able to give our two children.

Grateful for the good friends we have.

Grateful for the inspiration found in such things as this powerful, little pinecone.

Okay, okay, kind of corny I know.....


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