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May 31, 2011

Progressive Dairyman's Ice Cream Flavor Face Off ~ Please vote for Rocky Road!

With June being Dairy month, Progressive Dairyman launched their 2nd Ice Cream Flavor Face Off competition.  What a way to celebrate dairy and most especially ice cream!

Progressive Dairyman asked a few dairy producer bloggers from across the nation along with some of the P.D. staff members to participate in this fun challenge.  I'm honored!  Even though I'm not a very competitive person, but when it comes to something I firmly believe in, such as Sunnyside Farms Rocky Road ice cream, I'll gladly go to bat for it, of course!

Sunnyside Farms Rocky Road ice cream is a favorite in our family for a few reasons; 1) our dairy cows help produce the milk that goes into making it  2) the rich and creamy chocolate with the crunch of almonds and the softness and sweetness of marshmallows all combined in one package, is a winner with our family, every time and I hope it is with yours as well.

Please go to the Progressive Dairyman Face Off Challenge to vote {for Rocky Road} and each time you vote, your name can be entered to win $100 in free ice cream!!

The winner will be announced in Ice Cream Month, July.

Please view the fun road to Rocky Road....hope you enjoy!

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