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May 25, 2011

Pink Firetrucks

As I was headed into Starbuck's to get in one of my '3-A-Day' dairy servings, I had to do a double take.....these couldn't possibly be PINK firetrucks, could they?!

I thought it would be best if I went in and bought my non-fat milk, decaf Misto first, before coming back out to see if what I was viewing was for real or some sort of mirage.

Not only were there four pink firetrucks, but firemen in pink turnouts as well.  For real!  

Alright, I needed to find out what in the world this was all about.  As I walked over, one fireman walked up, in his pink turnouts, eager to tell me all about it.

Apparently this movement is named the Pink Heels Tour and  the participants claim to be the guardians of the Ribbon and their purpose to raise awareness and money for the fight against all types of cancer.

The firetrucks are completely covered with cancer survivor signatures from across the nation...pretty cool.

Before I hopped into my car, my pink clad fireman friend insisted that he take a picture of me in front of the firetruck.....firemen can be so persuasive....even wearing pink!

This was their first time in California, have they been spotted in your state yet?

I want to thank Sarah, at This Farm Family's Life for the 'Versatile Blogger Award' she gave me!

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