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May 19, 2011

The Rumbling of Spring

I was awakened to the sound of a rumbling the other morning, that to me signifies spring is most definitely here.  Rumbling that is only heard on a dairy farm, as far as I know. 
The conveyor belt {the green platform} had started up, which means the first silage truck had arrived to begin delivering a total of about 1600 tons of silage.  Silage is a mixture of fermented oats, rye grass and some other grasses and it is mixed in with grain, by the tractor load, to feed 250 cows and 200 heifers. 

This process should take no longer than three days.  From sun up to sun down, 10 trucks drive to and from the silage fields, 10 miles away until the job is complete.

Right after the silage delivery was complete, our nice sunny weather turned wet once again.  And once again, I had to resort to indoor activities with the kids to keep them occupied.  We ended up making butter, the easy way which I will share with you all on Friday.  But before making butter, we talked about the food we feed our dairy cows and how it helps them produce milk. 

Is it raining or sunny where you are right now?

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