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May 18, 2011

A Homeschool Lesson about Starving Children and Panera Cares

It's another rainy day here in northern California, so the slow cooker came out this morning.  Roast, potatoes and carrots are on the menu for dinner.  But when my six year old found out what we were having, he complained, horribly.  I was so disappointed with his complaining about the plate full of food that was in front of him,{yes, I do realize he's only six} that I preceded to tell him there are millions of children in the world that are starving and have never seen food like this.....that they may have to eat bugs or whatever they find just to survive. {you may think my comment is harsh, but when you have a child that complains about 70% of the dinners he's given, it takes a toll}
Then I asked him if he wanted to see what starving children look like.....thank goodness for the internet.  Of course both my kids wanted to see what I was talking about.  I Googled 'starving children' and up came a YouTube video.  My six year olds eyes glassed over and I could see the realization in his eyes.  He then understood why I was so upset by his complaining. 

Just five minutes later while watching the news I heard this story............

Panera Bread opened its third non-profit community cafe in Portland this past January.  After two successful community cafes in Michigan and Missouri a year ago.

One of the goals of Panera Cares is everyone who needs a meal gets a meal.  Those who can afford to pay for a meal, do and those who can't are encouraged to donate their fare share and donate what they can......a hand up, not a hand out.

The cafes also offer the option of volunteering an hour of time for a meal. The Panera Cares cafe model is designed to be self-sustaining with support from the community.

SO, Cheers to you, Panera Bread!

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