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September 28, 2011

TT: Paige's Praying Mantis

Just the other night, later in the evening at 7 p.m. or so, the weather was balmy and warm, an unusual feeling here in northern California.  Paige was outside playing when she suddenly comes running in at full speed screaming for me to come out and look at the "inthect" out on the deck.  She wasn't screaming in fear, just excitement.

"The 'inthect' is just like the one in our book!!"

Sure enough, Paige had spotted a Praying Mantis just like the one in our insect book right on our very own deck.  Now I've only found one Praying Mantis, ever here on the farm, three years ago.  It was a beige colored one, just like this one and I found it here........

on my Hydrangea plant.  Perfectly camouflaged with the tan colored stems.  At that time, I was not into taking the many photos I take today so it never even crossed my mind to take its photo. 

Or maybe I just wanted to get as far away from this creepy three inch insect as I could.  Bugs seem to be attracted to my hair for reasons unknown to me and I certainly didn't want this creature anywhere near my body.

But three years is a long time and I've taken thousands of photographs since then so when this very opportunity arose again, my camera was with me.

As I tried getting a little closer to her, she turned her alien shaped head in our direction and stared us down. 

Then our big bug eyes must have freaked out her big bug eyes because she began scampering up the side wall.  We then backed off and let her be.  Paige wanted to capture her and bring her in for show and tell at school but there was no way I was getting any closer to the creepy crawly.

So this Thursday I'm thankful I remembered to grab my camera for my second opportunity in viewing a Praying Mantis.

Do you have Praying Mantises living in your yard??  If so, are they green or beige?

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TexWisGirl said...

we get both green and brown here. the browns are supposedly more aggressive. mantises are the only insects that can rotate their heads like that. and they ARE aliens. i'm convinced. :)

jules said...

I've never seen them here in Wisconsin...must be too cold here.

Teresa said...

I've seen an occasional green one around here. They are awfully cool!

Anonymous said...

I love this pictures you were able to take of him.

Jeannelle said...

Nice shots! I've never seen a praying mantis except in photos. Maybe they don't live here in Iowa. Your hydrangea is lovely, too!

That's Life said...

Beautiful photos. I have never seen a whitish colored one before. We see them from time to time but always green. So neat. Thanks for sharing!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Marvellous photo Nancy but I can't say I am sorry that we don't have them here in the UK.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love the praying mantis, but admit that they are a little creepy for me to get too close too--But ours are green and seeing them here in northern Virginia isn't uncommon at all.

Buttons Thoughts said...

I love the Praying Mantis most of the ones around here are a very bright green. I like your mantis.

Car Mama said...

We had a green one (about 4 or so inches long!) in our backyard a few years ago. It was very cool & the kids loved it & wanted to keep it too. I convinced them it would be happier eating bugs outside. And, like you, I didn't want it jumping in my hair! (My brother once put a big black beetle on my head and it got caught in all my curls. We also had a stick bug that was brown. Have you ever had those?