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September 20, 2011

WW: Mushroom Ice Cream~My New Love

We just got back from a weekend in the picturesque town of Fort Bragg, CA.  Paige was in a Portuguese parade there and when considering the three hour drive, the curvy road to get there and the fact Paige becomes car sick, we traveled a day early so we could have some down time before she had to walk in the parade.  I'm so glad we did because if not, I wouldn't have discovered my new found love of Mushroom Ice Cream.

Yep, that's right, Mushroom Ice Cream.

While walking through old town Fort Bragg, we stumbled upon Cowlick's. Cowlick's reminded me of a 1950's ice cream and soda shoppe. Plenty of Formica tables and vinyl chairs to accommodate a crowd.  They make their own waffle cones even!

They serve root beer floats, sundaes, and a variety of conventional and unusual flavors of ice cream.  All hand made and natural.  Some of the seasonal flavors include pumpkin {which was not yet available, darn it}, egg nog, and huckleberry vanilla just to name a few.

When I saw they offered Mushroom Ice Cream, I had to try it.  It's made with candy capped mushrooms, local to Fort Bragg.  With my first bite, {or lick} I was pleasantly surprised to find how sweet it tasted.  I couldn't taste the mushrooms, which is probably a good thing when we're talking ice cream.  The taste reminded me of another ice cream favorite of mine, Pistachio Almond, but without the pistachios and almonds.  If you've ever tasted that flavor, you know how sweet and creamy it tastes and the Mushroom Ice Cream was very similar....with my taste buds. 

Paige went for the traditional chocolate.

Her favorite.

Bryce went for the Black Cherry with chocolate chunks.  And Dominic had Cookies and Cream {he doesn't like his picture taken very much}.

My boy worked up quite an appetite while in Fort Bragg.  Before the Cowlick's encounter, both he and Dominic had a couple of dogs at Relish, right next door.  Bryce with a foot-long traditional.

Dominic went for the Chili Cheese Dog with onions.

What's your most exotic ice cream sampling ever??  Mine is most definitely the Mushroom so far.

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Sarah said...

Wow - what an unusual flavor.

We stopped at an ice cream shop outside of Jackson a few weekends ago and my boyfriend tried ginger ice cream. I am not that brave - I went with strawberry but he liked the ginger.

Sarah from The House That Ag Built

TexWisGirl said...

i don't like eating mushrooms so i probably wouldn't be trying that one any time soon. liked paige's chocolate outline. :)

Michelle said...

Ben and Jerry's varieties is usually as crazy as I get, but I would have tried that mushroom ice cream.

Anonymous said...

It must be a Husband thing ... do any of them enjoy taking a pict or having their picture taken candidly?


Pat Tillett said...

Hi there!
Mushroom ice cream? It doesn't sound like it would be good, but I'm going to be on the lookout for it!

k. said...

What a great flavor. One of those things you'd never think to make into ice cream. The most exotic ice cream I've ever had was probably Avocado. It was rich and creamy--even buttery.

Crystal Cattle said...

That sounds fantastic! I would definitely give it a try. I love mushrooms.

wallene said...

That is my all time favorite ice cream. I tried it from the same place to. I get mushroom ice cream everytime I go up there. I'm actually planing to head up there in a about a week. I've been craving the ice cream and that's the only place I know that has it.